Communication Front 2001

Cyber and my sp@ce - Netizens and the new geography

From 1-14 June in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

CFront - The Newspaper

For now, only the first few pages of the newspaper are available in HTML format; all pages however are available online in PDF format ready for printing on A3 paper (still readable when reduced to fit on A4). The rest of the pages in HTML will follow. Printed copies can be ordered from: The Art Today Foundation, Artin Gidikov 11, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, or by e-mail to the CFront curatorial team.


Curatorial Team: Dimitrina Sevova, Alain Kessi, Emil Miraztchiev
Chief Organizer: The Art Today Foundation, Plovdiv
Partner Organizations:
Fournos, IDEA
Coordinator of theoretical meeting: Dimos Dimitriou
Editorial team of the CF01 newspaper:
Dimitrina Sevova & Alain Kessi
graphic design: d. sevova & computer design: stefan petzov