Communication Front 2000 Book, "Crossing Points East-West"

Some words on the Web site

When we were working on the CFront Web site, we laid importance on the method we chose as our basic approach in our work. We tried to avoid self-censorship self-restriction, to break out of geographical isolation through imposing our criteria and standards, since after all, communication means choosing the way you ask questions - and this is the way to get the answers.

In the work process, two different positions emerged - collaboration and individual work.

The first page <>, containing the main buttons, consists of our notes, drafts, and rough thoughts. The page, on which you see the separate diagrams as if laid out on a table, is simple and easy to use. These diagrams can be used as buttons. Most people see them as mere 'scratch notes', but this is just a description. The page visualizes the communication and collaboration process among the participants and symbolizes the working process. It is the conceptual link between the 15 realized projects presented on the Web site.

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