Communication Front 2000 Book, "Crossing Points East-West"

A selection of moments from the Chat between CFront and Syndicate

<cfront> hello dimos!

<dimos> hallo

<dimos> :))

<cfront> dimos is one of our participants, whoo is connecting remotely from greece.

<jen> hi dimos good to see you

<dimos> who is speaking from plovdiv?

<dimos> hi jen:))

<cfront> so perhaps someone would like to start, and make a brief statement about their personal reading of this term crossing points.

<cfront> in plovdiv, speaking we have jen, honor and rupert.

<dimos> ok:)and me form athens:)

<dimos> from

<abroeck> hi dimos

<abroeck> i'm here in rotterdam

<dimos> hi andreas:) nice to see you:)

<cfront> eset are you still with us?

<abroeck> well, see ... ;-)

<eset> yep

<abroeck> how many machines do you have online in plovdiv = how many chatters?

<dimos> is there any topic discussed yet?

<cfront> perhaps you can start by telling us what you thinking of this term 'crossing points: east and west'. what does this phrase mean for you personally.

<abroeck> just starting the discussion

<dimos> ok

<abroeck> for me this is obviously connected to the philosophy of the syndicate

<cfront> dimos - we are trying to get the chat going, and yes there is a topic: 'crossing points: east and west'. i have asked everyone to make a personal statement about their reading of this phrase.

<dimos> it would be good to have a chat "point" from the baths using my computer

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<dimos> ok

<Hunter> Hello

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<abroeck> there are a lot of direct and more indirect results of the syndicate, and i see cfront as sth that is a valuable outcome of effect or just coincidence in relation to what we try to do with the syndicate

<dimos> well, but is there any person from bulgaria? or serbia?>

<cfront> lots.

<adele_cf> so now another computer on front the cfront hq and so more of us caan tell our stories

<cfront> igor is just connecting: he is from serbia. and i'm not sure who else is online in the room.

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<jen> Venci says hello to Dimos - he is standing behind me

<cfront> welcome domin8r

<dimos> hi venci:))))

<adele_cf> there are bulgarians around but mostly making the works

<domin8r> hi all. igor here ;>

<eset> but to you andreas, what does this phrase 'east meets west' mean?

<dimos> lets start, hi igor:) i taped in vhs the interviews :)

<cfront> thank\s for your comments andreas - why do you think there have been so many intriguing projects and initiatives originating from the south?

<adele_cf> and alexander from serbia is here too with me

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<abroeck> there is so much good work coming out of these cooperations now, that what we had in mind in 96 - getting rid of the east/west divide, seems to have moved much closer. nina, what do you think?

<domin8r> dimos: that's great. i truly hope we can make some of it pretty soon

<dimos> perfect

<cfront> nina has temporarily left i'm afraid.

<abroeck> south? i don't know; i think that the relative isolation that people feel makes them reach out more insistently

<dimos> yes andreas, what is the image you have of this complex tableau-project?

<cfront> how important do you think that communities / networks like the syndicate have been in breaking down some of the psychological boundaries which existed between 'former east' and west?

<adele_cf> there seems to be alot more creative and raw emotional energy from the east right now

<dimos> i agree with andreas

<dimos> yes emotional energy that i believe comes out from our cultures

<cfront> igor - want to briefly say something about what zadruga do in serbia?

<abroeck> honor, how important? i don't know, this is sth that you would have to ask the people in plovdiv really, or in romania

<cfront> sure.

<abroeck> for me the syndicate has been the main channel for finding out about so many projects and people, and it is that visibility which has created the possibility for cooperation

<adele_cf> the importance in understanding first hand points of view the experiences

<domin8r> oh well... in short words, zadruga is channeling the pure creative energy and tries to put it outside east/west/south/east context, because we think people are just people, and not easterns and westerns.

<abroeck> exactly, people are just people

<adele_cf> i agress with igor in a way

<Hunter> the moldavians are so different from the transylvanians and wallachians in romania

<adele_cf> but the difference in living conditions is important to discover

<abroeck> people have different mentalitites, but those mentalities don't always follow some geographical or even political distribution pattern

<adele_cf> the way we think is effected by the way we live

<cfront> it seems from what we have seen here in plovdiv, that past discussions about teh 'divide' between the two former parts of europe are starting to evaporate in its important psychologically

<Hunter> not always, of course not......but there are enclaves

<adele_cf> alexander made an interesting point at lunch today

<adele_cf> he said the the eastern countries do not really know each other

<dimos> i agree with honor, about the division

<adele_cf> and that they know much more about the west

<Hunter> ...only the wise know that they are a stranger eveywhere

<abroeck> the way we live - this is for many syndicalists also determined by their online-existence, and a 'natural' openness towards other people through the available online channels

<cfront> who is 'they' adele?

<adele_cf> from influx of material goods, consumables and media /cultural artifacts

<cfront> andreas - yes, this is a point that katarina makes often when she visits us in different circumstances.

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