The Z-mag magazine has been created with the aim to lend free space for the coverage of artistic and social home events. With the help of Internet it allows a quick exchange of opinions on any issue of importance and excitement. The magazine's existence is based on the willingness for cooperation and voluntary support, but certainly not on the required discussion of every single topic in the edition.

The mailing list and the possibility of the Internet are, in our opinion, a ground for free discussions and well-timed public reactions to the events, as well as for information on new ones. We would be glad to give publicity to extreme reactions, and scandals too, if there are any.

Foreigners…? Foreigners are welcomed, but let's not forget that the magazine, as well as the other open possibilities of ctrl-z, are WE-about-US. It is natural to publish materials in other languages, though…

The magazine does nor claim any objectivity or completeness of the information. It is more accurate to say that the magazine is subjective and shows specific interest to particular issues and events, because everything published so far hasn't been commissioned, but came as a result of:

That does not mean that if a given event is not included in the issue it isn't of any value in the editors' view. Before being covered by the magazine the event has to judged by the editors according to the four above-mentioned conditions.

In order to get a given event published, one only needs to send the materiaks about it (preferably in a digitalized form through the magazine's e-mail) In order to inform the readers about a coming new material or event, one has to be in the mailing list /Elektrik_BG/ and to send the info to all the others. In order to create link to another web site, there has to be:


Ladies and gentlemen,

Please, have in mind the media where the action takes place! That is, each issue is not completed, but can be remodeled or refreshed for a long time, even constantly. Any piece of news can be announced in our mailing lisy, thus reaching every single reader of ours

Greetings - Boriana - Dimitar, einstein & co

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