the program of THE COMMUNICATION FRONT'2000

Crossing points: East - West, as viewed in the context of the New Media - Art Balkan Generation.

18:00 Thursday, June 1, 2000
and The Exhibition part: The New Media Generation on the Balkans at the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, BG

18:00 Saturday, June 3, 2000
Radio trans-vestige, mixmedia installation - the concomitant exhibition of cf00 from Steve Bradley <sbradley@umbc.edu>
Opening will be in the Gallery - Mexican house in the cultural reserve of Ancient Plovdiv
" == vestige has to do with past relic memento or trace -- I am making a connection between radio space and how it potentially shifts human presence, transporting ideas across borders. trans-vestige being a space in flux or constant sonic motion received from a distant geo space. The clothing representing the human presence echoing the past, the radio is the present/future and the digital photographs exist in between the two all representing a trace from various points of antiquity.
Communication Front 2000: Crossing points: East West
Crossing Borders: Cultivating Real and Virtual Networks
"As the printing press cried out for nationalism, so did the radio cry out for tribalism." Sergei Eisenstein. Strengthening communication across borders with collaborative links that provide accessible technology and support representation of a broader community is more viable today than any other moment in history. The World Wide Web and networking technologies have provided an opportunity for individuals and groups with common goals to build hybrid societies and new kinds of cultural space. SteveBradley <sbradley@umbc.edu>

17:30 - 19:30 Sunday, June 4ht, 2000
presentation/lecture and discussion with Marita Liulia <liulia@medeia.com>

17:30 - 19:30 Tuesday, June 5th, 2000
Short Films and Videos - present by Zadruga & Aleksandar Gubas

17:30 - 19:30 Thursday, June 8th, 2000
NOMADS and art@radio - presentation and discussion with Steve Bradley, USA

17:30 - 19:30 Saturday, June 10th, 2000
"GastARTbeiter", Lecture presentation and discussion with Luchezar Boyadjiev, BG

17:30 - 19:30 Sunday, June 11th, 2000
Lecture and discussion Iara Boubnova <iaraica@mbox.cit.bg>, BG

17:30 - 19:30 Monday, June 12 th, 2000
Presentation and discussion with Galina Dimitrova <galia@i-space.org>, BG
InterSpace is a New Media Art Center, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. InterSpace was founded in 1998 as a non-government organization aimed at art production, development and popularization of author's projects in the space between art and technologies - video art, multimedia installations, net art and electronic sound.

17:30 - 19:30 Tuesday, June 13th, 2000
demonstration/presentation of work


Honor Harger <http://www.radioqualia.net>
<honor.harger@tate.org.uk> <http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/>

Ventsislav Zankov <vzankov@mont.nbu.acad.bg>, BG

Boryana Dragoeva <bori999@yahoo.com>, BG

Eric Kluitenberg <epk@xs4all.nl>, NL

Alexandru Patatics <ap@ambient.dnttm.ro>, Romania

Nina Czegledy <czegledy@interlog.com>,

Zadruga <zadruga@email.com>, Serbia
Igor Djordjevic, Zadruga
Milos Kukuric, Zadruga
Aleksandar Vasiljevic, Zadruga
Radovan Popovic, Zadruga
Aleksandar Gubas, Zadruga

Tapio Makela <tapio@meteori.com>, Finland

Susanna Paasonen <suspaa@utu.fi>, Finland

Marita Liulia <liulia@medeia.com>, Finland

Rupert Francis <roops@xoommail.com>, Australia and UK

Luchezar Boyadjiev <luchezb@cblink.net>, BG

Alain Kessi <kessi@kein.org>, BG & CH

Steve Bradley <sbradley@umbc.edu>, USA

Geert Lovink <geert@xs4all.nl>, HL

Kalin Serapionov <kalins@mbox.cit.bg>, BG

Jen Southern <bus.gas@mcr1.poptel.org.uk>, UK

Jenna Collins, IDEA, <jennacollins@yahoo.com>, UK

Jane Brake, IDEA, <island@breathemail.net>, UK

Adele Myers, IDEA, <adelemyers@yahoo.com>, UK

Stuart Nolan, IDEA, <stuart.nolan@oyster.co.uk>, UK

Ana Peraica <ana.peraica@janvaneyck.nl>, Croatia

Guven Incirlioglu <gi5690060@isbank.net.tr>, Turkey

Dimos Dimitrious <addfield@ath.forthnet.gr>, Greece

Natasa Radosavljevic <natasa_r@hotmail.com>, Serbia

Kosio Minchev <kosioo@yahoo.com>, BG

Marica Gojevic, Croatia and Switzerland

Mare Tralla, UK

participants in the exhibition part of cf00 in:

Kalin Serapionov, BG

Kosio Minchev, BG

Calin Dan, NL and Rumania

Igor Djordjevic, Zadruga, Serbia

Milos Kukuric, Zadruga, Serbia

Ventsislav Zankov, BG

Boryana Dragoeva, BG

Guven Incirlioglu, Turkey

Dimos Dimitrious, Greece

Alexandru Patatics, Rumania

Ivan Mudov, BG

Marica Gojevic, Croatia and Switzerland

Through the theoretical seminar and the workshop, CF'2000 will grant the opportunity for creative activities directed at compiling a unified body of theoretical and critical text, and small - scale artistic projects, to be later included in a common web- project presenting the overall idea of Crossing Points: East - West.


The theoretical meeting of the Communication Front'2000 will have an exclusively practical character aimed to stimulate the establishing of a common strategy and the creation of authors' sites and projects by all the participants, dealing with the thematic scope that will be put forward. An additional aim is to outline a general idea of a common web-project. In this way the theoretical meeting and the workshop will complement each other, since their ultimate aim will be to join the theoretical contribution with the actual practical results. We regard as a part of these results the shared work on the web-project to be put in by all the participants.

  1. Round Table - each successive day the participants will get together without being closely watched by audience, and will discuss the topic, trying to outline the shared opinions and strategies. They will talk over and eventually attain a common idea of the web-project. The Round Table is intended to be held each morning till noon.
  2. The afternoons will be devoted to practical work on the web-project by all the participants, either on their own, or else in groups, if such should be spontaneously formed.
  3. Late in the afternoons meetings and presentations will be held before the local artistic community, students, and a wider audience.
  4. On the closing day there will be held an audience-attended presentation of the results issuing from the theoretical meeting and the workshop, and a presentation of the web-project. Additionally, a press-conference will be arranged and the floor will be given to all the critics invited. Of much importance to the Communication Front are the on-line connections that will be carried out between CFront and the Polar Circle 3:2000 Project. The Internet links and the conceptual interrelation between the two projects was suggested by Mr. Tapio Makela and Ms. Susanna Paasonen and personally confirmed by Mr. Steve Bradley.

Apart from the web-site, we would like to release a catalogue on the Cfront once it's brought to an end. Actually, we are quite enthusiastic on this idea and we shall try to find means to realise it. The catalogue would not only contain detailed information on the Project and its participants in the theoretical discussion and the exhibition. We also intend it to contain a lot of texts, conceptual and critical papers. We would like to publish the texts of the more intriguing discussions within the theoretical section and workshop, as well as the whole presentation of the web-project. We intend the catalogue to be bilingual, in Bulgarian and English. We believe it will be of huge significance not only to the local artistic community in Bulgaria, but also to the further evolution of the Project. What is your opinion on this? We hope to discuss this in detail with you and work on the catalogue side by side.

Hope to see you soon at the CFront'2000



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