is a New Media Art Center, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. InterSpace was founded in 1998 as a non-government organization aimed at art production, development and popularization of author's projects in the space between art and technologies - video art, multimedia installations, net art and electronic sound.

The InterSpace activity include:

The main goal of Media Art Center InterSpace is to establish the society of media artists in Bulgaria and enable their active collaboration in an international context.

InterSpace has developed international partnerships with "Van Gogh TV" (Germany), "THE KITCHEN" (USA), "MONTEVIDEO/TBA" (Holland), "IDEA" (Great Britain), as well as with Bulgarian organizations - Soros Center for the Arts, Sofia; British Council, Sofia; US Information Service, Sofia; Bulgarian Photographic Association.

Current creative activities of the Media Art Center InterSpace include:

The multimedia lab of the InterSpace Media Art Center includes:

Windows 2000 Server, hosting for Web Art Projects, Artists and Art Organizations Sites

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