Kalin Serapionov

Foosball video, 2000

Video installation

The tape represents footage of a table football, which is taken from an overhead position. The view contains the whole table while the edges of the table coinside with the edges of the viedo frame. The camera is static, observing only the game, the movement of the plastic figures and the ball. The framing does not include the players.

The image is projected through an overhead projection on a screen which covers the entire floor of the room. One side of the screen is tilted upwards from the horisontal surface of the floor at an angle of 25-30 degrees. At the entrance of the room the screen is leveled to the floor, while at the oposite side it is lifted up by 25-30 degrees.

The space is part of the installation. Its character is transformed thorugh the vision. The tilted screen is the base, which is followed by the movement of the plastic players and the playing out of the ball restricted by the four walls of the room.

The master tape is on DV. The showing installation tape is a VHS. The sound of the tape is the original sound of the game. Showing time - 60 min (looped).

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